Sunday, September 2, 2007

"23 Things" is Spreading

Well I've been playing with some of the different things that we had to do over the past couple of months and it just seems to keep getting better. My husband is now taking part on our 23 things (he loves to explore the recommended award winning sites on Library 2.0) and he keeps showing me what he's discovered. I think it's amazing how much this has benefited so many people who don't even work for the library. I've shared these sites with my family members (extended) and friends who have computers and, actually, some of my cousins who are in college are planning to use these sites (making up their own wiki's, the podcasts, audio books, Zoho etc.)

Maybe we should have a library program that goes over some of these sites with our patrons. Imagine how much they would be able to use some of these things.