Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week #4 - Bloglines and my adventure

I successfully subscribed to Bloglines. It took me awhile to figure out but lo and behold my subscription was set up and I actually added a few RSS feeds. I'll be curious to see how this works in real life. I've already set up RSS feeds through my yahoo account (I get local news and MS windows news updates) but Bloglines is a new tool and I'm anxious to see how it works. The only problem I ran into was when I went to their Quick Pick Subscriptions and tried to add them it gave me a message that it was not available and to try back later. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

In the meantime I'm so excited because Lizanne left a comment on my blog. How sweet and really cool.

Now about my technology "interests" (by the way this should be a week #3 post but what can I say, I'm always running late...quite late on this one though) and what I find interesting. My daughter Meg introduced me to a site that she helped me download that's called Ifran (http://www.ifran.com/). This is a free photo software site that you download which allows you to resize your pics (either in cm, pixels or inches) without messing them up. It also erases red-eye, allows you to do sepia tone, black and white and all in all just a lot of effects. See if you like it and let me know. Well it is now 11:06 pm and I'm heading to bed. Next on the list is MERLIN. We shall see tomorrow.

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