Thursday, August 23, 2007

Podcasting - Exploring the "New World"

This site was quite interesting. I've become familiar with podcasting because I listen to news programs on Sunday morning and alot of the time their shows are on the web. It's a help when you miss a program and you're up till one in the morning anyway with nothing to do (long story).

Anyway, I didn't know about the Merlin sites and how wonderful they were. I particularly liked the Denver Public Library - Stories for Kids site (even though it didn't have as much as I had hoped it would, it was easy to navigate and the podcast were smooth and clear). I also liked the Westerville Public Library site. The Westerville site was cool because it offered regular books with the reading level attached in the preview sections and it also offered audio books. The Language Learning link was of particular interest since so much has been in the news about multi-cultural language breakdown and the scarce amount of books in libraries for the different ethnic populations of our country. Definitely a recommended site in my opinion.

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