Thursday, August 23, 2007

Web 2.0 awards - Nifty Site

So many neat things on this site. I actually love, (and I mean LOVE) the ARCAPLAY site. I'm into games on the web when I have nothing better to do (which I haven't had time for anything for the past 3 months (long story). But the ARCAPLAY site with so many games was definitely a fun site and a stress reducer. I've bookmarked it on my home computer and I've recommended it to my friends (one is Meg's friend who is housebound because of lukemia...he gets bored and there's not much to do after 6 months of sitting at home). Of course I also love my Flickr account and my Meebo account is always being used (it seems I can get in touch with Meg much easier during the day when I'm on Meebo).

My husband was looking at this site (wondering what it is) and saw the "music" section. Well we tried both "Pandora" and also "". Way cool sites. You just type in the genre of music you like (or a group that you like) and it creates a radio station with "your type of music". God is this neat. I've bookmarked both sites and my husband is definitely going to keep me (he's discovered after 31 years of marriage that I'm "way cool" too.) This Awards site is such a wonderful site to find different things on. I've bookmarked this site to come back to when I have even more time to explore.

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